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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sheesh, she's deperate

I love writing letters and I love stationary. I love finding the right postcard for the message. I'm even starting to feel fondly towards some stamps.

When I was a kid, I had penfriends and sure, they were all right, but at the ripe old age of 31, penfriends are a little lame. But that's what I think I'm looking for.

I write to my friends and family pretty regularly but still, I need more. I need more people to write to.

Did I mention that I'm single-handedly bringing back correspondence. The proper kind. Not this fly-by-night electronic kind.

So please, send me your address so I can write to you. I don't expect a response, and you can op out anytime. But REAL MAIL folks. What's not to love?


Nikki said...

I haven't written to anyone for aaaaaaaaages and I used to all the time! I have EVERY. SINGLE. LETTER. (and most of the notes... down to the tiny little scraps of paper with teency text) I have ever received in a bag in my room... from intermediate onward. heh.

I will send you my address!!

P.S. I'm famous for writing them, but never sending them. Alongside my bag of received letters I also have a bag of never-sent letters. Useless.

unplainJane said...

What an incredibly generous gesture! And who wouldn't jump at the opportunity to receive real mail???

jasmine t said...

I heart real mail and have just been involved in an international card swap..bring it on!!
I will gladly join ypur crusade to bring back snail mail!!

Kathleen said...

Hello! I would love to send real letters to you :) How do I send my address to you?? (can't find an email address...)

Lee said...

I'd LOVE to have a pen friend cos I love all things snail and mail..... How do I send my address to you? And I WILL write back!!