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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh noes. I'm treating this place like it's Facebook.

Here you go folks - 10 updates that very nearly went on Facebook until I reminded myself that going from 104 'friends' to 103 almost killed me and that if I continue spamming people with my life then they will leeeeeeaaaaaave meeeeeeeeee:

10: I regret telling Remy about Santa. Suddenly I realise that Santa gets the credit for the stuff I buy. Eff off Santa - if you want the credit, you buy the bloody presents.

9. I have a new favourite song and when I have a new favourite song I listen to it 73 hundred million times in a row. It's so I can get all the goodness out of it. Boyfriend on the other hand has a new least-favourite-ever-in-his-life song that he has listened to 73 hundred million times...

8. Remy's current career-of-choice - Giraffe. One that eats people.

7. Coming in at close second is stuntman. It's not clear yet if he will be a stuntman who also eats people.

6. Do not follow this link unless you are happy to lose hours (and hours and hours) of your life. And definitely do not look at this one. I warned you.

5.When I was little and had trouble going to sleep my mother would say "Don't worry, we're not going to have fun without you". Now that I am a parent myself, I'd like to point out that my mother is a LIAR.

4. Sewing win! I made a car seat cover. And I only swore ... well, I only swore all the time but maybe if I'd been trying harder not to swear I wouldn't have had the energy to finish the car seat cover?

3. Uh oh... I can feel a NEW FAVOURITE SONG coming on... are you ready boyfriend? Boyfriend? Hello?

2. I was at the dentist and had Remy there with me. Remy asked the dentist if he had to go to school for a long time to become a dentist. His answer? "Not as long as a vet". Comforting.

1. Me: I love you.
Remy: Yeah. Look at this booger.

PS Would you like to listen to an awesome song? Here, try this:


Kathleen said...

You make me laugh, missy :) I look forward to seeing Remy as a person-eating giraffe too. Maybe even a stunt giraffe?

Boganette said...

The Santa thing is a funny one isn't it! Why should he get all the credit while Mum does all the hard work!!

I have secretly been listening to some Lady Gaga (please don't tell anyone). Mr Boganette has threatened to leave me if I keep playing Paparazzi. Sigh.


Megan Rose said...

Kath - you're welcome :) And I'm working on an outfit for Rems...

Boganette - I won't say a word. And shucks, thanks. I guess the kid is alright.

Vanya Wilkinson said...

Love this song, have now listened to it 5 times! I feel a download coming on, thanks for the heads up :)