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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


some nights are like this
nights when a girl is reading a funny blog
when she remembers
all of a sudden
that it wasn't very long ago
that she was pregnant
with a much loved and longed-for baby
and the baby died
and no matter what she wishes for
her baby is gone.


sas said...

oh lovely. grief is a bitch. she pops up at the most unexpected moments. sending hugs.

Nikki Elisabeth said...


Boganette said...

I'm thinking of you. And sending you love xoxox

Jules said...

At school crying. Thinking of our Christmas baby - I'm sorry about all the shit thats happened since then.

Kathleen said...

xxx Ask Remy to give you a big hug for me :) Wish I wasn't so far away so I could deliver it in person.

Mel Archer said...

Hey M, only just read your post today, hope that your days have been better since this... xox

Megan Rose said...

Thanks guys. I'm fine, it's just that this thing can sneak up on me. I know I'll never forget what happened but it still shocks me when I remember that it happened. If any of that makes sense...