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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Flitting in to say hullo

Hello dear people!

Sorry for the little unexpected time out. Our computer is broken again (sheesh), and we have moved. We've moved islands in fact! We're now in a beautiful North Island town with about 1300 other people... Yes, it's truly a Small Town.

So far, so good. We've met some fabulous people and we're surrounded by vineyards. The weather is amazing, and we have a Very Big Town close by. I feel so relaxed here... even with a determined little two year old always chomping at my ankles.

My birds are in a local shop and, goodness me, they're retailing for $22.50. I guess my wild stab at $8-10 was quite off the mark then... Having said that, I'm open to offers, deals, and swapsies if anyone is interested. Just drop me a line (my email address is in my profile).

I have a tonne of stories and photos to share. The minute our computer is back in good health you can be sure that I'll bombard you with them.


Kathleen said...

It's so lovely to have you back! And thank you for sharing your honest lying experiment with us too. I know why it needs to finish - you're about to start a new adventure, quite separate to what has gone before...

I think doing it in the first place was incredibly brave, sharing the results a generous gift to us folks who aren't quite brave enough to try it out for ourselves!

I look forward to many wonderful happy posts from your Small Town

Arohanui! xx

styler said...

it's lovely to have you back
and i hope you find some lovely homes for your beautiful birds :D

Maureen said...

Welcome to your new life...and new beginning.

P.S. Cute birds.

Boganette said...

It's great to hear everything is going so well :) You deserve it!

Megan said...

Welcome to our island! :)

Juli Ryan said...

Oh, man. I hope that your computer is up and going again, and that you have settled into your new home.

I left you one of those silly but sort of fun award thingies over at WR. Come check it out and post it if you want. No hurt feelings if not!