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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bye bye birdie


I'm making Christmas decorations, lots and lots of Christmas decorations at the moment. This bird is one of several hundred million* one-of-a kind, entirely individual, handmade decorations that I have made over the past few days. I plan on selling them at the Victorian Heritage weekend this year.

Jules is my man-on-the-ground when it comes to pricing, and he tells me they'll sell for only $5.00. FIVE BUCKS! I was hoping for ten...

Just look at these eyes... don't they speak to you? Specifically, don't they say "$5 is not enough. You want me. You WANT me. Hand that nice lady $10"?


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*Artistic license.


Anonymous said...

I say start at ten and if they're not selling reduce the price. There's heaps of work in them and you can always reduce the price - but can't increase it. Or $8 - near $10 but seems heaps cheaper.

Rebecca said...

Love the cute xmas birdies. You should definitely sell them for $10 or more, the comment above has a great point that you can decrease the price but not increase it. Its a good selling technique to reduce prices think of department stores constant sales. Good Luck. I love your blog very entertaining and brilliant photography.

Jo (ex Apple of My Eye) said...

hello : ) beautiful birdies!!

Just so you know I sold similar ones (from Rice) at the Thorndon Fair for $16...$5 is WAY too cheap!! We had them at Apple of My Eye too and had sold out by Chrissy...good luck! I'm sure they will be a hit!