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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The acid test

I have a new way to measure how long is too long between posts.

I no longer rely on increasing levels of guilt. Oh no no. There is a much more reliable method - how many messages and phone calls I get from my family telling me to update.

So, (64,0000 Facebook messages from my cousin later), here I am.

Things have been grrrrrreat. Hanging with Remy is exactly where I'm meant to be. He's going through a fabulous stage - new words and phrases all the time, including "turn it on", "close the door", and my all-time favourite, "cup of tea".

I've been a social and cultured butterfly too. I've been to Tutus on Tour and the Wellington Ukelele Orchestra at our beautifully restored Opera House. I've got a regular day for volunteering at the gallery (Monday mornings thankyouverymuch), and I've been to some wonderful exhibition openings. Remy and I have had some fun playdates and a great time having friends to dinner. We've also had some much longed-for visitors.

On the crafting front, I've been whipping up skirts, dresses and tops for me. I've had some requests for leetle wee baby clothes, and a some things for friends which I'll get around to...

One of the best things to have come from leaving my job (and also from having done that job in the first place), is some contract work doing policy in my very favourite area - CRIME! YAY!

And, to round things off, a comment or two from Remy:

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Riverlands Room 2 said...

Great to hear from you again at long last. Sorry about the 64,000 comments from my darling daughter but!!!!! it has been a long time. The Grandparents will be thrilled.

Megan Rose said...

No, no, please don't apologise - Natalie's messages were great. I felt like I had a fan! And she did manage to guilt me into posting, so, basically, she made me feel popular and made me post. SCORE!

sas said...

you are ALIVE!
and having a brilliant old time by the sounds of things.