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Saturday, February 7, 2009

10: Reactions Remy had to food served this week.

1. I ordered the number 52 - this looks more like number 2s.
2. Really? This is it?
3. Bahahahahahahahaha! Now where's dinner?
4. Where are we? Prison?
5. Yuck. So yuck that I'm going to roll this food out of my mouth very slowly with my tongue, but, don't worry, it'll land on the carpet, not me.
6. When did we land in a boarding school dining hall circa 1993?
7. Oh? This is dinner? I thought I was looking at evidence.
8. Who did you think was coming for dinner? A farm dog?
9. Ok. I've had enough of your nonsense old people. Hand over the icecream.
10. Yummy yummy yummy chippies yummy yummy yummy.

1 comment:

Nikki said...

Hard to appreciate a strong willed child at times like these no?

And then when someone (perhaps your mother?) mutters under her breath "karma" you just wanna smack her in the face.

Hrmmm... may not have let that go just yet. heh.