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Monday, April 28, 2008

You know... a post about stuff

With the packing and the breaking of things and the screetching at things, it's been a busy few weeks. Jules and I needed to take a break from it all this weekend so we headed out to Petone to visit the wonderful Martha at her shop.

And how we were rewarded when we got there - soda pop for me and Jules, and Remy got a fabulous Babylicious tee-shirt. Thanks Martha!

Another lovely surprise was seeing one of my jackets in the shop window.

But now we're back into the packing and the breaking of things and the screetching at things. The movers haven't got back to me, the landlord has held 3 open homes but still hasn't found a tennant so wants to hold a fourth, we've already run out of boxes, and Remy bless him has been 'helping' which has resulted in a favourite tea pot getting broken.

Oh the joys of moving. I'm just going to keep reminding myself that now there is less than a week to go, we're in the final countdown and it will only be a mere moment until we're living the dream!

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cookie said...

ooh , i would love to move to the country! soon,soon you will be there, and all the hard stuff will be over.