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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A day in the life of Megan Rose

My darling friend Phil has a regular post about the themes in his day. And I'm a cheeky little minx so I'm going to copy his idea.

I think we'll call this 'not re-inventing the wheel' and 'wow, what a compliment to another blogger' so that I don't feel quite so bad ripping off his genius.


So, themes for today:

+ Remy goes back to bed at 9.25am

+ Coffee not strong enough to compel me to do all I need to do

+ Finding new, exciting blogs to read

1 comment:

Phil said...

Well, as TS Eliot said famously, good artists borrow, great artists steal!

Great photo essay of little Remy by the way. I hope all's well down in Oamers!