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Friday, November 7, 2008

Unrelated statements all in one post without bulletpoints because I can't work out how to make them. Help me someone.

I can't even begin to describe how blissful it is to be able to blog from my bed.

Managing a shop is harder than it looks. I thought I'd prance about and play with pretty things. In 4 weeks, there has been very little prancing.

A woman came into the shop today to complain about how expensive everything was. Well, that's the only reason I can think of for her being there because she didn't buy anything. But then something really strange happened. She returned later to take one of our business cards to use as a birthday card for her one year old granddaughter. Wow.

Facebook is both a blessing and a curse for me. It's a blessing because I get to stay in regular contact with friends I love with all my heart. It's a curse because I still feel anxious, even 100 years after the fact, about what some people I went to high school with think of me. Or should that be thought of me then? Or maybe what they both thought of me then and think of me now? Hrrmm, how about I try relaxing and not caring about any of it.

I've spent most of my evening in front of a roaring fire. It's November. AND I'M IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE.

Yay Obama. You got my vote in spirit. That reminds me - I must remember to vote in our national election tomorrow. You too. Unless you're not allowed to. But otherwise you should vote.

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sas said...

re: bullets - when drafting or editing a post click on compose rather than html. There is a bullet format option.

Oh and re: facebook. I completely concur.